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When you've been involved in an accident, don't worry about fighting with your insurance company. Reach out to R. Todd Waddell Law. Todd Waddell will analyze the evidence to determine who was at fault. Then, he'll work with you to figure out your best next steps.

Discuss your situation with an experienced auto accident attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Consult R. Todd Waddell Law today.

He'll build a convincing case

He'll build a convincing case

After you've received medical attention, call R. Todd Waddell Law to start putting together your case. When you contact him, he'll:

  • Schedule a time to meet with you in person
  • Investigate your case from every angle
  • Negotiate with your insurance company
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork
Get the help you need to get back on the road with confidence. Hire a practiced car accident lawyer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.