Rights Don't Diminish With Age

Seek justice with the help of an elder abuse attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

You've lived a full, productive life. You shouldn't be treated differently just because you're not as able-bodied as you used to be. R. Todd Waddell Law will fight for your rights if you've been abused by your family, spouse, medical staff or caregiver.

Abuse and neglect can lead to serious physical, emotional and financial issues if not dealt with right away. Contact an elder abuse attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma now to end your suffering.

8 ways elder abuse can affect you

8 ways elder abuse can affect you

Nursing home and hospital neglect can be hard to detect. Here are eight warning signs that you or a loved one may have been mistreated, and that you need to contact R. Todd Waddell Law without delay:

  1. You've been bruised or scarred due to harsh treatment.
  2. Your caregiver gave you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.
  3. You've been ridiculed, humiliated or threatened.
  4. You've been isolated from your loved ones.
  5. You've been ignored by those closest to you.
  6. You've experienced unwanted physical contact.
  7. Someone has stolen your identity.
  8. You've been overcharged repeatedly for medical care.
If you or a loved one is suffering from a nursing home negligence situation in Oklahoma City, call 405-446-8681 immediately. Todd Waddell will explore the facts of your situation and develop a plan to right the wrongs that were done to you.